Social reproduktion i Värmland

Klass, utbildning och livsstil

  • Johan Lindell Karlstads universitet


Social reproduction in Värmland, Sweden

This study uses the 2014 SOM-survey of the Swedish region of Värmland (n = 1420) to study the ways in which social reproduction is expressed in a regional setting. Following the sociology of Bourdieu the study presents statistically significant results that highlight that a.) class habitus shapes the type of home one creates for oneself and b.) one’s level of education, and that c.) the orientation towards the ”legitimate” culture is particularly pronounced among those with relatively high volumes of economic and cultural capital and finally that d.) a regional elite is consecrated in the cultural and urban center of the region. Although the sociological explanation to ”why we do what we do” is not the only one, this study shows that it is an important one. Class, expressed as class habitus and volume of economic and cultural capital, continues to shape peoples’ life choices and their orientations in the social world.

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Lindell, J. (2016) ”Social reproduktion i Värmland: Klass, utbildning och livsstil”, Sociologisk Forskning, 53(3), s. 289-306. Tillgänglig vid: (åtkomstdatum: 22april2021).