Organisationer, ojämlikhet, migration

förändringar av den etniska arbetsdelningen i svensk byggnadssektor


  • Denis Frank Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap, Göteborgs universitet



Illegal migration, organizational change, social inequality, construction, diffusion


Organizations, Inequality, Migration – Changes of the Ethnic Division of Labour in the Swedish Construction Sector

During the 1990s the number of migrants from Eastern Europe increased in the Swedish construction sector. This article examines how this change was initiated by changes in the organizational population in the construction sector. The gradual enlargement of the European Union changed the institutional framework for organizations in Sweden. This created increased opportunities for new organizational forms in the construction sector. The specific niche of the new organizations was to recruit and hire out workers from Eastern Europe that were paid lower wages than Swedish workers. The diffusion of this organizational form contributed to a change of norms and beliefs about what was legitimate and illegitimate when employing migrants. This implies that the inequalities that this organizational form introduces have gained increased legitimacy in Sweden. Or in other words, it has become increasingly socially acceptable to pay migrants lower wages than Swedish workers




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Frank, Denis. 2013. ”Organisationer, ojämlikhet, Migration: Förändringar Av Den Etniska Arbetsdelningen I Svensk Byggnadssektor”. Sociologisk Forskning 50 (1):7-30.