Styrning och ideologiska dilemman i Skolverkets skolutveckling

exemplet ANDT-undervisning


  • Mats Börjesson Barn- och ungdomsvetenskapliga institutionen, Stockholms universitet
  • Eva Palmblad Socialhögskolan, Lunds universitet.



drug education, school development, ideological dilemmas, rhetorics, moral steering


Governing and ideological dilemmas in drug education

Drug education (ANT) in Swedish schools has a history over decades. Here, the pedagogical approaches fluctuated between transfer of solid knowledge from the teacher to the pupil, and working with values and have a more pupil-driven teaching – a classic dichotomy. Rhetoric about the school’s way of teaching has thus always been ambivalent and subject to reexamination. The study analyses various textual material on ANT education. As a methodological tool Billigs concept Ideological dilemmas is used, which is a fruitful way to identify the rhetorical building blocks of (school) politics, but also to analyse political talk in more detail. The article analyses the ideological dilemmas under three dichotomies: Knowledge vs. values, teacher control vs. learner control, and prevention vs. promotion. Throughout we can see this question of how teaching could be successful, given the tension between authority and democracy. The article concludes by relating this basic ideological dilemma in a wider discursive context of governance in our time.




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Börjesson, Mats, och Eva Palmblad. 2013. ”Styrning Och Ideologiska Dilemman I Skolverkets Skolutveckling: Exemplet ANDT-Undervisning”. Sociologisk Forskning 50 (2):93-115.