Barns strategier och ekonomisk utsatthet

knappa resurser som utgångspunkt för en förhandling av positionerna i familjen


  • Stina Fernqvist Sociologiska institutionen, Uppsala universitet



childhood poverty, family, strategy, responsibility


Economic hardship and children’s strategies – scarce resources as a starting point for negotiating family positions

The aim of this article is to discuss how children and adolescents experience everyday life in economic hardship and how a negotiation of the family positions can be linked to these experiences. The article takes its theoretical starting point in childhood sociology, and is based on an interview study involving 17 children between the ages of 6–18 in families living on or below the limit for receiving welfare benefits. The purpose of these interviews is to explore how these children experience economic hardship at home and among friends, focusing their own strategies and agency. I argue that the financial situation in these families do indeed challenge the way that the child position is traditionally understood, which also has implications for the children’s identity work. Including children as participants in research therefore becomes crucial in order to fully understand the ramifications of child poverty.




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Fernqvist, Stina. 2012. ”Barns Strategier Och Ekonomisk Utsatthet: Knappa Resurser Som utgångspunkt för En förhandling Av Positionerna I Familjen”. Sociologisk Forskning 49 (3):173-88.