”En aktiemarknad för alla”

Integritet och marknadsomsorg i (själv)regleringen av den svenska värdepappersmarknaden

  • Oskar Engdahl Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap, Göteborgs universitet


”A stock market for all”. Integrity and concern for the market in the (self-)regulation of the Swedish securities market

This article deals with the transformation process that led to the substantial growth of the securities markets, and also led to a situation where Sweden became one of the leading countries when it comes to ordinary people investing in shares and mutual funds. The article discusses how social control and regulation of the market changed as a result of this process. A sudden and strong unanimity for knowledge tests in order for a stockbroker to be allowed to conduct brokerage, advisory services and asset management was the significant change in this transformation process. Knowledge tests were first introduced on a voluntary basis by the industry itself, but is now a mandatory requirement by the State. This article argues that the unanimity for knowledge tests best can be understood by studying the broadening of the financial markets. The broadening meant that more groups in society – with very varying capabilities – had started to place their assets in the security markets. They were encouraged to do so since this was considered to be the solution to the growing number of socioeconomic problems. This article is mainly based on market statistics and document analysis supplemented by interviews.

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Engdahl, O. (2012) ”’En aktiemarknad för alla’: Integritet och marknadsomsorg i (själv)regleringen av den svenska värdepappersmarknaden”, Sociologisk Forskning, 49(4), s. 257-282. Tillgänglig vid: https://sociologiskforskning.se/sf/article/view/18410 (åtkomstdatum: 9april2020).