Framväxten av sociala rörelsers globala politik


  • Stellan Vinthagen Institutionen för individ och samhälle, Avdelningen för socialpedagogik och sociologi, Högskolan Väst



social movements, democratization, globalization, resistance, public arenas, global politics


The emergence of social movements’ global politics

Globalization not only transforms capital, media and technology, but also creates conditions for global politics, beyond ”international politics”. New transnational public arenas emerge, where a broad range of actors articulate demands and interests.

A globalized political infrastructure arise from the combination of the (1) internal transnational mobilization within two opposing global networks: movements’ World Social Forum and political economy elites’ World Economic Forum; and a global connection with (2) regular dramatic street protests during multilateral regime summits; and (3) a permanent and virtual network of information communication technology that enables new forms of action, organization and mobilization.

Together these arenas make participatory and global politics possible for social movements. Regime confrontations are formed by the new global media of ICT in a way that transforms the struggle into a political drama, where activists’ diversity of tactics – The Majority Drama, The Carnival, and The David-Goliath Drama – creates both competition and collaboration.

These arenas are only emerging and this new form of global political structure creates both possibilities and problems. Still, a unique potential to democratize politics is created.




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Vinthagen, Stellan. 2011. ”Framväxten Av Sociala rörelsers Globala Politik”. Sociologisk Forskning 48 (1):25-50.