Charterturisme som en produkt

en sociologisk analyse af agens i oplevelsesøkonomien

  • Jakob Lauring Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus Universitet


Charter tourism as a product: a sociological analysis of agency in the experience economy

In recent years charter tourism as a convenient and cost-effective mode of travelling has been declining. This may be related to dominating societal ideals promoting self-actualization, individual exploration and spontaneity. However, not much is known about the development of ideals and practices among charter tourists. By use of ethnographic fieldwork methodology, including pre-departure and post-travel telephone interviews, this exploratory study investigated a group of Danish charter tourists travelling to Gran Canaria. Results show that the charter tourists were active in navigating between a series of central dilemmas posed by the consumption of a mass product in an individualized societal context, thereby shaping their experiences to form a desirable tourist product.

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Lauring, J. (2011) ”Charterturisme som en produkt: en sociologisk analyse af agens i oplevelsesøkonomien”, Sociologisk Forskning, 48(2), s. 29-42. Tillgänglig vid: (åtkomstdatum: 4mars2021).