Samhället utmanat?

Artificiell intelligens och sociologisk kunskap

  • Rolf Lidskog Örebro universitet
Nyckelord: artificiell intelligens, djupinlärning, maskininlärning, social intelligens, superintelligens


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a growing social phenomenon, both as a technical infrastructure and as a sociotechnical imaginary. While there is ample sociological research on AI’s implications for different societal sectors, there has been limited sociological discussion on AI itself. This article engages with the current debate on superintelligence – a future AI that transcends human intelligence – to show that the development of AI concerns central sociological issues, and that sociological thinking contributes to and challenges prevailing concepts of AI.

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Lidskog, R. (2020) ”Samhället utmanat? Artificiell intelligens och sociologisk kunskap”, Sociologisk Forskning, 57(2), s. 99–120. doi: 10.37062/sf.57.19591.