Emergens i Meads sociologi

Process, interaktion och det sociala livets villkor


  • Linda Kvarnlöf Mittuniversitetet


emergence, Mead, pre-determined conditions, social process, symbolic interaction


Emergence in the sociology of Mead: Process, interaction and the conditions ofsocial life.

Within sociology, and especially in the symbolic interaction genre thereof, emergence have been used in order to analyze the process between different dichotomies such as structure and agency, individual and collective, improvisation and the pre-determined as well as the relationship between a now, a past and a present. The aim of this article is to, based on mentioned dichotomies, discuss the possibilities and the limitations of emergence. In terms of possibilities emergence can be used as an analytical and theoretical tool for analyzing the process between different social phenomena. In terms of limitations, emergence could (and have been) criticized for not acknowledging the pre-conditioned aspects of social life. Hence, this article is concluded in a discussion on how to integrate pre-conditioned aspects of social life, such as power, dominance and subordination in the analysis of the emergent and dynamic social life.




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Kvarnlöf, L. (2016) ”Emergens i Meads sociologi: Process, interaktion och det sociala livets villkor”, Sociologisk Forskning, 53(3), s. 227–245. Tillgänglig vid: https://sociologiskforskning.se/sf/article/view/18260 (åtkomstdatum: 16 oktober 2021).