Vår bästa tid är nu?

Om tidsuppfattning och politisk självförståelse


  • Kerstin Jacobsson Södertörns högskola




time, temporality, temporal semantics, horizon of expectation, political time


Our best time is now? On conception of time and political self-understanding

This study regards time as a horizon for action and argues that conception of time has great implication for political self-understanding. In the study, the modern conception of time, with its orientation towards the future, is contrasted with the late modern conception of time, which is characterized by a de-legitimization of utopian thinking and by an orientation towards the present. Political action is changing, from a transformation of the present into the future, to a management of the present. In this situation the future is not perceived as something qualitatively different than present, but is, as Helga Nowotny puts it, reduced to an ‘extended present’. Or, to speak with Luhmann, the future is a ‘present future’ where only one ‘future present’ is conceivable. The future is in that sense increasingly closed. The paper argues that the current pragmatization of politics is partly due to changes in temporal representations, and suggests that more attention should be given to temporal semantics in political analysis.




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Jacobsson, Kerstin. 2008. ”Vår bästa Tid är Nu? Om Tidsuppfattning Och Politisk självförståelse”. Sociologisk Forskning 45 (4):74-95. https://doi.org/10.37062/sf.45.19255.